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Дата публикации: 15 Июля 2020
Meet our team! Alexey Shternshis, Joint Managing Director Сapital Pi
Inspiring leader, strategic player, proximate compliance follower. 20+ years of management, finance and consultancy practice in small to large companies. Alexey Shternshis has executive, up to C-level positions, in different industries, leading up to 1 500 staff and overseeing budgets of up to 1B EUR

Alexey has delivered a fresh wind of change to many organisations, growing them, but also restructuring to create a more resilient organisation with higher output. Having lived in Russia, Lithuania, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, Alexey is aware of the different cultures and the different legal/compliance aspects.

As entrepreneur and investor, Alexey is applying this knowledge, Alexey has founded a number of companies, in some (such as MR2), Alexey has taken on executive responsibilities.

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